f Goal & Mission – 4eva Pack JD

Goal & Mission


Our Misson

  • 4evapackJD aims to leave the world better than it found it. Because we produce quality plastic products, we reduce the impact of our disposable plastic products by recycling our bottles.
  • Our concept creates functional products that make the world a more sustainable and less polluted place. 
  • At 4evapackJD we believe that food additives can help people improve their health and quality of life together with their looks, in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, we have included food supplements in our many products.

Our 3 Main Goals Are:


To establish market functionality based on current trends in business, we will use innovative green technologies in the sale of all 4evapackJD products


A state-of-the-art factory that produces, manufactures and recycles all its plastic products through the African Market.


To be a world-class producer and supplier of plastic packaging products and food additives.